Runa_BogerRuna Boger was born in Oslo, Norway. She has attended The National College of Art and Design, Oslo, and the Academy of Fine Art, Lodz, Poland. Her work is represented in several public collections, and she has produced a number of commissions.  She exhibits frequently in Norway and abroad and has had several solo exhibitions.


Runa’s work often makes references to impressions obtained while traveling or by observing and artistically adapting details from daily life. Experiences and impressions translates into fabric prints which can render a story, visions of familiar landscapes, or simply express an esthetical, but ethical statement.


She prefers making use of second-hand materials, textiles from our surroundings, invisible until integrated into Runa’s art. Recycling old army blankets has been the basis of a number of her works. A characteristic feature in Runa ‘ s art is her ability to see beauty in used objects, and the little details that we often don’t take the time to notice.


My impression is that Runa’s working process can be arduous, but at the same time joyful. She starts with small sketches on paper, eventually transforming them into large scale. She states that composition, details and format must be decided before the transition to the textile material. A complicated process in which she lets the idea meet the material, eliminating the unessential and leaving the idea in its pure and original form. When contemplating the various works, I’m seized by thoughts of ephemerality and happiness, hindrances and bars; the extremes of our reality.


Mostly known for her spacious textiles in large formats, Runa has lately worked with installation art, as seen in the exhibition “Transform” at Sørlandet Art Museum, Kristiansand. Wrapping a hothouse with dyed army blankets, she made a monumental textile sculpture with references to the artist s Christo (wrapping) and Beuys (recycling).


Runa’s textile works has several references. She started with fabric printing in the 70’s, a time in Norwegian art life distinguished by strong political statements. In the last few years, she has immersed herself in theoretical matters by means of her studies in art history. She seeks out new knowledge and passes this on as editor of the magazine “Textile art”, published by the organization Norwegian Textile Artists. Constantly in motion, whilst all the time collecting knowledge.


Anne Wiland
January 2007


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